First of all, let me just say that I am sorry I am so late with this update. It's 21:19 right now; the latest that I ever started with writing the update. I am tired and I still need to write my weekly review after this, so let's make this update short & sweet.

Now that I got the introduction out of the way, here is full disclosure: I don't know how to become better with people. I mean, I have some ideas, but I am certainly not someone who can go around giving advice on socializing as if it was his second nature. To put it bluntly, the title was a trap, so more people would visit this post (sorry!). I'll let you know in the next update how that went.

I attended a local event this evening, and I realized a very important thing on may way back:

I need to become better at talking with people.

Not because I should, but because I need to. Both personally and professionally. I am an introvert, and people who know me know.

I used to think being introvert was a bad thing, and whilst I am long past that and now I am actually pretty happy with being just the way I am, I do know that becomming better at starting and leading conversations, and generally becoming better at connecting with people, could make a huge and positive difference in my life.

Just a skill as any other.

After this evening, I have this positive feeling that it can be done. I most likely won't ever be great in it, but I am confident that with some practice and effort, I could become much better at it than I am now. Because socializing is also a skill, and therefore it can be improved upon.

There are tons of thoughts that I had around this idea, but I don't have much time right now so let's move on.

What I've been up to these last 4 days

Attending lots of events

On Thursday, I was at an event called 'FuckUp Night Prague'. There were people who shared their fail stories. It was interesting.

On Friday, I attended iCONdev. It is a branch of iCON Prague (a conference about Apple product and productivity tips/tools). This 'branch' was specifically for iOS developers. Most of the talks were quite good, and I got to catch up with my friends from the iOS community, so that was great.

Today, I was at the CzechCrunch offlajn event. There were two talks from people from the gaming industry. But then, there was a networking part and I got to see the Apple Watch!

What struck me: Even the 42mm version is much smaller than I thought it would be. The responsiveness/speed of it seems to be really good (except for 3rd party WatchKit apps, obviously). And the text - it's just so tiny! I think this can be a huge disadvantage for older people.
I am glad that I bet on making text large in Routie Watch app, because it should be comfortably visible for everybody. I should be able to confirm that next week, when a friend of mine will receive his Apple Watch and will let me try Routie on it.

Working on my new app

I've made a nice progress on the core part, and it's almost finished! Then I will be able to move onto all the other things that should hopefully be easier (faster) to develop.

Other things

I was awfully tired yesterday, and during those three last days, I had those "rushes" of bad and very skeptical mood. I don't know. A lot of factors went into it. But I don't have the time nor the energy to dig into it deeper right now.

Also, my friend who is coding my new website made a huge progress and I would say that it is now 98% done. I plan to finish it tomorrow, and hopefully even put it live. I will let you know in the next update how it went + link to it.

The lesson

Today's lesson for me is mostly the one about the socializing. A second, smaller one, is this:

Start writing new project updates on this blog before 17:30! Starting after nine pm is just ridiculous.

My plans for following days

I definitely want to finish and release the new website as soon as possible. I am dedicating most of tomorrow to it.

Second thing is my new app - I want to work on it as much as I can and really move it forward. Looking at my original plan that's outlined on my bulletin board, I am extremely late with it. There is no point in beating myself over it now, but that doesn't mean I should just relax and let it slip even further.

Also, I'd like to make the next Project update better. More though-through, more interesting and just more useful. For way too many times now I did too little to improve it, and I think it's about time to change that.

Until then, bye! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter.