Update 17/11/2019

This blog post is very outdated, and I'm planning to overhaul it completely. In the mean time, the app I have mentioned here is already available, and it's called Timelines. If you are into tracking and visualizing your time, you might want to check it out :).

Hey! Welcome to this blog. I am currently building an exciting new iPhone app and sharing twice a week what I am going through and how is it going. You are hereby invited to take a peek.

What I am aiming for

I want this to be authentic and as honest as I can bear. It's an experiment, really, and I can't promise you good ending, but I am determined to make both this blog and the new app a success, and you have the opportunity to watch me try!

Frequency of updates

New post twice a week, no exceptions.

To be completely honest, I've been trying to blog more regularly for several years now, but even when I managed to put out a post or two, I always failed. But recently, I've had some success with improving my habits and I believe I can pull this off. I know "twice a week" is a bit too vague, that's why I am commiting to exact days and times:

  • each Sunday and Wednesday at 18:00 GMT (11AM US West time).

The format

It's not going to be so much about the app itself, but rather about the process of bulding it, marketing it and launching it on the App Store.

You can expect my thoughts, ideas, ups and downs. The excitment and the struggle. As I said, I'll try to be as open as possible (but at the same time not going overboard with it).

But I don't want to stop there. In each post, I will attempt to draw a lesson both you and I can take when building a product.

So, each update will have:

  • current state of the project and how I feel about it
  • an idea I've been thinking about lately
  • a lesson I'll try to take

Past updates

Here I will include past updates with short summaries of what they were about. Since this blog was just born (March 31, 2015), there is nothing here yet. But you can expect the first update as soon as tomorrow evening!

Stay in the loop

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You can unsubscribe at any time and I promise not to spam you.