Going back from a very good night out, in a night bus through the well-lit and beautiful Prague, at around 2:30 AM, I got the urge to scribble down a few thoughts that has been going through my mind lately. Somehow the combination of being tired and drunk crystalized these thoughts. I've been dying to get back into blogging, but it's been a struggle to come up with the angle I want to take. Sharing this is probably a bad idea and I might just delete it tomorrow morning, but for now, I'm going for it.

"The greatest gift in life that we as humans get is the ignorance and naivity to believe that we have a true control of our lives. Looking at it from one point of view, I didn’t have any say whatsoever in many things that went down and made me deeply hurting. But at the same time - it’s exactly this fu***d up sh*t that went down that made me look for and then pursue my true calling. I’m grateful for what I’ve accomplished so far, but I’m very disappointed that I haven’t made a better job with prioritizing this. I’ve kind of always been a half-ass. And I wonder what it would take for me to finally pull my head out of my ass, and truly realize this amazing opportunity that we have, that I have. This human experience. This mere illusion that we hold our fate in our hands. Because deep down I know that with enough dedication, grit, and unwillingness to “be realistic”, this illusion can be turned into reality. I want this to become a timeless reminder for me to keep evolving. Keep looking for ways to optimize my life and to truly go after what I want with everything that I have. Not in some bullshit motivational way, but in true, day in and day out hustle kind of way."