For the next 14 days, I vow to publish one new blog post every single day, with no exception. I'll be sharing some thoughts, and bits and pieces from my life as a full-time indie iOS developer currently living in Thailand.

Why? I wanted to blog more regularly for years. But there's always been something more important to do. Something more urgent. I ended up blogging only once every few months when something newsworthy happened. But that's not enough.

I've been fed up with my lack of willpower to do something about it for far too long now. This challenge is an attempt to change that. To get me on the right track.

Within the upcoming 14 days, I plan to:

  • strengthen my public writing muscle, which feels completely atrophied now.
  • step out of my comfort zone - sharing something publicly comes with the fear of perceived rejection - I hope to get used to this vulnerability and reduce its paralyzing effects.
  • get into a state of mind where blogging feels easy and obvious. Reduce the hurdle that I feel before diving into each post.
  • hopefully write about things that will be interesting to some people

I am well aware that writing every day, if done without some strict rules, could easily become a big burden on me.

That's why I knew that I have to come up with strict rules that will make this easier on myself:

  • each blog post should take less or around 20 minutes, and definitely not more that 30 min.
  • try to focus on single topic in each post, whether it's an event, thought or an observation.
  • avoid fluff as much as possible
  • it's not a diary. No stream of consciousness that I tend to usually do.
  • embrace shortness when it's a fit for the topic. There's no such thing as a too short blog post.
  • try to provide some value for readers
  • cut myself some slack when it comes to depth of the ideas. Not everything has to try to be deep.

I'm really excited about finally taking the leap. It's an experiment and it might not bring the results that I hope for, but I just knew I had to at least try.

Expect the post for Day 2 tomorrow ;).

Update 17. 4. 2017 - One week later, there are 7 new blog posts. I'll try to update this list as new posts come out.

Update 23. 4. 2017 - The challenge is over. Here's the final list of articles: