"You can't go outside without getting wet."

I've heard multiple people say that about Songkran Water Festival (the celebration of Thai new year). I thought they were exaggerating. Oh, boy, was I wrong..

But to avoid the risk of getting my hardware ruined, I decided to work from home today. For lunch, I took my scooter and went to the usual place where I eat. I didn't take my phone with me, just in case it really was that bad. During the way, at three places, people threw a little bit of water at me. But that was only the start.

The restaurant had a big barrel of water in front, along with bowls and pots for throwing the water on passing traffic. At first I just watched, but then, after one of the employees of the restaurant put some kind of white cream on my face (apparently part of the tradition), I decided to join in on the fun.

And it was really hilarious. Most of the people passing us didn't have even the tiniest piece of clothing dry. It was brutal. Then, they got a brilliant idea - to put a huge piece of ice into the barrel. Those screams of people receiving this cold shower from us were incredibly funny :D.

Then I decided to take the scooter further down the main road and see what other locations had to offer. They weren't bad - I also got totally wet, and few of those splashes were from icy water as well.

It was a fun experience today. And it brought me a little closer to Thai people and culture. Hopefully next year again! And also: hopefully I'll be able to get to the coworking tomorrow without getting wet.

(Here's a short video that I found on YouTube to give you an idea what was going on today):

This was Day 4 of the 14-day blogging challenge.